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Farm Tours

Thanks for your interest in learning more about VALENTA ORGANIC GOAT FARM by taking a tour!

Get on a Learning Journey!
What’s better than an educational orientation by our very own in-house experienced Indonesian Etawa goat farmer? we located in Batu, Malang. It is situated 1000m above sea level. After the orientation, grab the opportunity for an up close and personal session with our farmer. Feel free to ask him any questions and he will try his best to answer your queries / fulfill your inquisitive mind!


Fun, unique farm tour - large and small groups, individuals or companies welcomed!









for a group of 20 or more people, we will consider you as a large group and entrance fee will be chargeable with an educational farm tour package plus visit a fruit farm which offers tours of the fruit plantation and maybe the option of picking your own fruit. Are there any fruit farms included apple manalagi, strawberry, orange fruit, organic vegetables. Here’s a peek at the itinerary included in this learning journey:
  • Upon arrival, you will receive a warm welcome by our in-house guide (You can call him farmer boy!)
  • View the goat milking session while receiving an explanation of our farm history, introduction to our lovely goats, understand the milking process as well as the benefits of our goat milk (Duration: Approximately 20 minutes)
  • Tour around the farm premises at your own pace and observe the goats lazing around in their barns comfortably or looking out of the barns curiously. You may even see them quenching their thirst with fresh water
  • A 250ml bottle of valenta fruty goat milk is included in the tour package. You can optional to purchase more fresh goat milk directly from our farmers!
  • In here guest can enjoy beautifull sightseeing of an fruit plantation, pick fresh fruit directly from its trees.


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